Vedanta Society of Greater Houston (VSGH) - January 2022 
 All programs are livestreamed.  Click this link for livestream.

Due to the current resurgence of Covid situation, all events are online only in January, Due to Swami Atmarupananda's travel to Bolivia, all events are suspended until January 29th, 


Sunday Service at 10:30 AM

Jan 30 - Swami Vivekanda's birthday celebration 

Tuesday at 7:30 PM - class was cancelled 

Jan 25 - Upanishad class

Thursday at 11 AM - class cancelled

Jan 27 - Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna 

Special Event - 30th, 2022:  Swami Vivekananda's birthday celebration 


                VSGH Children's Class - Not in session due to Covid


Vedanta Society of Greater Houston, 14809 Lindita Drive, Houston , TX 77083 Phone # 281-988-7211,