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Vedanta Society of Greater Houston - A Branch Center of The Ramakrishna Order, India since 2016.

The charter of the organization is to spread the message of Vedanta as taught by Shri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda and Sri Sarada Devi.

The society is now blessed with a Resident Monk - Revered Swami Atmarupananda.

The Vedanta Society of Greater Houston welcomes applications for membership from those interested in the mission of the Ramakrishna Order, teachings of Vedanta and who wish to support the Vedanta Society through devotion, financial giving, and service.

Benefits of Vedanta Society Membership

Membership provides:

  • An opportunity to become an integral part of a community of devotees who share your spiritual interests.

  • More involvement in the activities of the Vedanta centers, like annual retreats

  • More insight into the operations of the Vedanta Society.

  • Additional benefits, like checking-out books from the library.

  • Sunday School for Children

Commitment of Vedanta Society Members

Members are encouraged to:

  • Attend lectures, classes and other events at the Vedanta Society, including the annual Members Meeting.

  • Pledge monthly dues at a level they choose.  No pledge is too small.

  • Provide some service to the Vedanta Society.  Our ability to serve our members and spread the teachings of Vedanta very much depend on help from members.

  • Uphold the integrity and message of the Vedanta Society and the Ramakrishna Order.

We need your help in fulfilling these goals and support this noble cause. We request you to please fill out and return the 
VSGH membership forms as soon as possible. We sincerely thank those who have already done so. We need the forms to update the membership list and build a database of the members to ensure timely mailings of the numerous programs planned throughout the year. 

There are three classes of members: 
1. Annual members with an annual donation of $300. 
2. Life members with a donation of $3500* 
3. Patron members with a donation of $15,000**. 
*Please note that the life membership can be paid over three years. 
** Patron Membership can also be spread over a three year period. Patron members are also life members. 
All members can borrow books and audio and video tapes from VSGH library. 
We thank each & every one of you for your support and help. We know that we would not have come this far without your collaboration and assistance. We hope that you will continue your sustained help and cooperation. 
May Shri Ramakrishna, Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda bless you.

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